Japanagromyza phaseoli

Japanagromyza phaseoli Spencer, 1983

J. phaseoli was first mentioned in Spencer, 1973 as "Japanagromyza spec."

Wing length: 2.4 - 2.5 mm.
Male terminalia
Hypandrium long and narrow, with very long hypandrial apodeme.
Surstyli long and slender with one row of denticles on the inner side. Cerci very long and broad. At the inner side of epandrium there are two additional projections with two spines each. They are without joints fused with the epandrium.
Aedeagus very long and slender with two long coiled terminal tubules.
Immature stages
Posterior spiracles and leaf mine in Spencer, 1983. Puparium brownish orange, the three terminal parts of the felt chamber are further subdivided into three parts.

Larvae form irregular, rather large blotch mines, sometimes several larvae in the same mine may be found.

Phaseolus lunatus, Phaseolus vulgaris L., possibly other Phaseolus species, ? Brassica oleracea L. (in Peru, referred to in Spencer, 1973 but further confirmation is needed, Spencer, 1983, Spencer et al., 1992.

Costa Rica (only puparia found), Peru, Venezuela, ?Argentina

Spencer, 1973 based on personal information reported infested plants, particularly young ones can be considerably weakened.