Tropicomyia polyphaga

Tropicomyia polyphaga (Spencer, 1961)

Identification of Tropicomyia species is very difficult. Many species differ only in very slight characters of the male aedeagus. Moreover, due to insufficient availability of type material the status of several species is not fully clarified. Hence in most cases an approximation to the species can only be achieved by the comparison of pictures of the male genitalia (see also the Genus Tropicomyia) and, to some extend also the geographical range. Identification by external characters only is absolutely impossible.

Distiphallus with broad rounded subterminal vesica. Terminal tubuli moderately long.
Puparium black, not shining.

Spencer, 1990 listed 12 systematically quite distant plant families. It is not clear if coffee (Coffea arabica) is also affected by the species (Spencer, 1973).

Known from India and Sri Lanka.